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Is anti-black racism a hoax?

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes, it is obvious that the tree made a sound; because when it fell it created a vibration that could have been heard (Oxford, 2020).” The continued racism in America today perpetrated against black people is an entire forest of trees that are crashing to the surface of the earth. Although they are clearly making a most thunderous sound, there exists a population of Americans who are turning a ‘deaf ear’ to the toll. This “deaf ear” is not...

The Future of Aging


Healing hands Physical Therapy Incorporated and the Healing Hands Hypermarket is dedicated to providing users with the tools to facilitate an increased life span. From reusable face masks to posture correctors, our goal is to help you achieve higher levels of well-being. If you could set your own expiration date, how long would you want to live? 80 years? 90 years? 100? 

"Scientists believe that the capacity of the human body currently reaches its limits at around 115 years old. But most people fall short of that due to the ailments and...

States that Mandate Masks (Last updated:7/29/2020)

It is important to stay vigilant regarding COVID-19 and its effects on, not only public health, but also public policy. The following is an excerpt from Click the link at the bottom for the full article. The article provides useful information that lists each state's current position on mandated face-covering, as well as, some of the unique aspects related to policy. As always, be safe and live well. - Foster K. Lester, PTA, Owner